Build. Market. Sell your own products.

Build. Market. Sell your own products.

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We’re 5uperMakers, a community of passionate product creators


Get inspired

Ask for feedback, share ideas and get motivated

πŸ› οΈ

Build it

Ask “how to do X” questions. Different technologies, materials, manufacturers etc.


Sell it

Get feedback on design and marketing. Social Media promotion and much more


Ship it

Talk about international Shipping, Customer Service and how to handle returns.

Alone we can do so little; together we can change the world

One awesome product at a time

How you can become a 5uperMaker


Join the forum

Open a new topic to say Hi and tell us more about you, your background and past projects.


Talk, Ask, Help, Like

The categories are your workflowΒ πŸ’‘ -> πŸ› οΈ -> πŸ’° -> 🚚. It’s the same for every product.


Build ANY product

From hardware to software. Lightsaber to kitchen knife. Intergalactic spaceship to smartphone gadget.


Once launched, add it to Featured Products

Use the 5uperMakers social and SEO influence to promote your products.

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Steve Jobs once said

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
Your inner hero is tired of postponeing your dreams
If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.
As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

Don’t be a Gollum

Remember Gollum from The Lord of The Rings? That’s you – if you try to walk alone. Gollum was lost, chasing something he could never reach, let alone handle by himself.

Start building – Start changing the world

Be a hero! Create products!

Creating products is about making other people happy

You have the πŸ’ͺpower to entertain, inspire, help and motivate. You’re alive, meaning you are responsible what today and tomorrow looks like

You’re not alone

Building, marketing and selling your own product is very tough. It’ll require everything you’ve got, and more. All 5uperMakers face the same challenge. None of us would be able to do it alone

You’re on a Mission

Build. Market. Sell your first product.

Start now.

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